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Building Projects

Compared with 10 years ago the education sector is awash with new buildings and with exciting projects to put new facilities at the heart of their communities. The LSC capital spend is huge after many years of drought, and the building schools of the future project holds out enormous promise. Integral to many of these projects is a desire to fundamentally change the way the organisation engages with learners and with its staff. Making the right decisions about technology in these new builds is challenging - none of us can predict the technology for learning for the next 40 years - and yet all of these project talk of 'showcase' or 'state of the art'.

There is a need to understand how teaching and learning will change and evolve as you move into the new facilities, and thereafter as you begin to change and evolve with them. The role of technology is critical in this but must complement the learning vision. Put in too much technology and you have an unusable and expensive white elephant - put in too little and you hamstring the opportunity to underpin the changes in teaching and learning.

Our experience of a number of similar projects allows us to steer you and your architects through this process. We can help you get the infrastructure right and get the all important flexibility designed in. We can challenge some the architects 'landmark features' and some of the ICT suppliers 'toys'. We can also work with teaching departments to help tease out the things which would really help them change and grow - to get past the technology wish list to the changes they really want to make and then define the real ICT requirements from there.

Pragmatically, we can also simply take away some of the load on a hard pressed management team and bring high level skills which a stretched ICT team simply don't have. Services in this area typically include:
  • Infrastructure review and definition
  • Facility needs analysis and definition
  • IT steering within overall premises project
  • Procurement
  • Project management
  • Supplier review and audit

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