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eLearning Strategy Development

E-learning is like everything else - you need to know where you want to get to, and you need a map of how to get there! Building on either our own review or work you may have done we help you define a clear set of long term objectives for e-learning. We can also help with the hard part - developing a roadmap to get you there. We believe that you need to make progress on a number of axes to develop e-learning

  • People - not just skills but confidence, time to practice
  • Direction and strategy
  • Facilities, service and quality - from the classroom, the MLE, the communication tools
  • Trust, confidence, motivation and reward
  • Support, guidance, good practice and encouragement
  • Process and systems - from quality assessment and observation to selection of materials

We can help you identify clear steps and targets for each of these and develop, and, if appropriate manage, projects to support you through the changes

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