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Interim Management

"When the going gets tough"

ICT and e-learning are difficult areas for education. They require a range of skills which managers may not have acquired during their career - and often these particular skills are only required for a short period or in small quantities. Typically these circumstances arise when the organisation is going through major change in other areas - say post inspection, recovery, merger or change of premises. At the time when you most need extra clout for e-learning and IT you're most thinly stretched by 'mainstream' demands.

We can provide a range of solutions to help you through these critical pressure points. We might provide a senior manager for a day a week to drive a steering process or support an inexperienced manager. We might provide a manager for a short period to close a gap following restructure. We might simply provide a critical friend to the executive to steer major change through the organisation or through the governors.

Our staff a broad range of both operational and consultancy experience - and our network of associates means we can often identify people at short notice for those urgent crises.

Assignments might include:
  • Interim IT director
  • Interim e-learning manager
  • Programme manager

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