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"Getting what you actually need for the right price"

Among the many challenges faced by education management is getting the right IT equipment and services in the first place. For a management team with many other priorities and limited experience of IT this can be a minefield - surrounded by IT sales execs each with the perfect solution and world leading credentials!

We can cut through this - take the college through a process to refine your demands and needs, and then either manage or support you through a procurement process. We have extensive experience of the OJEC processes and options and can steer you through them. We have established models for evaluating suppliers, proposals and costs - and through continuing projects we have a pretty good idea of what's out there and who can really deliver it.

Most importantly we apply all of this to the all-important services you buy - whether these are support and maintenance, design and implementation or a full managed service. Our knowledge of the ITIL framework for support quality enables us to dig down into a supplier's real skills, process and experience - and get the right solutions for you.

Typical projects in this field include:
  • Reviews and audits of existing IT provision or service
  • Requirements analysis and definition
  • Procurement management
  • Financial modeling
  • Service level agreement review and audit

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