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VLE, MLE and Portals.

Funding has been available for VLE procurement, and many Colleges are now the proud possessor of a very complex and powerful tool kit. A number of LEAs are building VLEs to provide centralized resources across their schools - and most universities have years of experience of these technologies. In many cases the benefits of the power of these tools are not being realised, and at the heart of this challenge is the need for culture change in the organisation. If the VLE or MLE is going to be anything beyond a repository for materials, then teachers will need to be supported to change approaches at the heart of their job. And the organisation will have to reflect on process changes through learning management and administration.

We can help you get the best out of this by working with you to integrate the product into your teaching and learning processes - training teachers how to get information, how to embed into classroom practice, and how to use as a basis for staff student communication. We can help you review and challenge whether the product you have is right for you - and identify the key process and people changes required to make it earn its money.

Many colleges are now reaching the limits of the power of the 'first generation' of VLEs procured with LSC funding some years ago - we can help steer you through the next generation - whether it's VLE, MLE or the beginnings of a true learner portal.

Our services here typically include:
  • VLE e-learning review
  • Future requirements analysis and definition
  • Product selection
  • Introduction management
  • Portal definition.

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