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We're a Consultancy and Service organisation dedicated to the education community. We have a portfolio of services to help colleges achieve the returns they need from their e-learning investment.

We believe that e-learning can deliver huge benefits for the core objectives of any learning organisation:
  • Improved academic outcomes
  • Retention and motivation of students
  • Reaching wider groups of learners
  • Overall efficiency of the organisation

Our experience shows us, however, that the journey to achieve these is a long and difficult one. Fundamentally, it's about changing the culture of the organisation to one where e-learning is embedded in all of the teaching and learning processes - but embedded where it supports the objectives and not for its own sake. This is one of the key skills in making the change - and one which our work across the sector supports and sustains.

We're not a technology or a software company - we have no magical products to sell you which will fix everything and be the answer to all your dreams. We know it's about much more than technology - it's about people.


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